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Classes started just last week and already I am up to my corneas in readings, papers, and exams in the next four days. Someone in my 490R advanced seminar has already picked a fight with me (and lost, thank you very much, that rude little wanker) and I've been experiencing acid reflux from hell. How does Shyue feel about this?

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There's been a snow storm all around the Northern states these past few weeks which makes for very jerky maneuvering into the city. Kudos to my father for driving us in for a day of fun and relaxation at Nintendo World which has also be dubbed the two story building most known for both adorableness and piles of rampaging children who are most likely 20% water and 80% pure dopamine.

Our visit was criminally short but we were hoping to get back before nightfall. And because Winter's idea of nightfall is pretty much first thing in the morning (I exaggerate. But it sure feels like the most schizophrenic sun cycle known to Man. Unless you're in Alaska. That's a completely different hell in a hand-basket there) we had to jimmy in and jimmy out faster than Mario could say air quote whoo-hoo.

To make matters worse, Atlanta, Georgia's utter lack of survival instinct in midst of the slightest sign of unfortunate weather (ie. GREY SKIES) results in a host of complications for me and too much unneeded stress for continental airline companies (which only increases the chance of a horribly dramatic increase in my blood pressure). Two of my booked flights have already been canceled as Atlanta is seemingly preparing itself for the four horsemen of the apocalypse and not what the Weather Channel has been calling "freezing rain" for the past 48 hours.

Sometimes I think I should have been more careful about my choice of college location. Given another chance, I would probably only choose Atlanta again only if the schooling fees were severely budgeted. And if they threw in a few goodies like a higher percentage of getting better grades coupled with less stress. And cake. And Australia.

If you told me I really need to stop bitching about school, I'll tell you that I will the moment it stops kicking me in the balls. Every new start to a semester gets me unnerved somewhat as if I'm being stalked by the unknown horror that Stephen King has been writing about over and over again since 1975.

To sum up on a lighter note, due to all this frustration and incompetence, I have the first day of school canceled which gives me a good excuse to sit here and conjure up as many stupidly witty things to type as possible without sounding completely wasted. Enjoy it while it lasts; this is whining at its cutest.

(A fandom post is due soon. That'd be loads more entertaining, promise}
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01 January 2011 @ 11:00 pm
You know, Mt. Moon is a deceptive little bugger of a map. It pisses me off almost as much as Sudowoodo.

Oh, by the way, have a completely un-beta-ed fic.

Verse, Chorus, Verse
CROSSOVER: HEROES (Season 1)/DOLLHOUSE (Season 1). They harbor the most terrible hearts that are not their own. In all times of vulnerability, you burrow in deeper; winter will be here soon. Rated pg-13. 2186 words.
Notes: Obviously makes more sense if you are familiar with the canon. Particularly because these characters are both a bit off their rocker to begin with.
Each draft claims to be the originalCollapse )
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It's 4 in the morning? How tragic.

Two hundred hours of not sleeping and counting. Feverish and discombobulated like nothing else.

There is a hole in my hand. I think it's from the penknife. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Here, two questions taken completely out of context should suffice to illustrate how this semester has been coming along.

1. "How did you rug burn your eye?"

2. "Sweetie, how does this make sense? It's 9:30 AM and you're holding two bottles of Guinness."

Oh. Yes. My LJ is still active.

PS. Mad Men? How badly have I been gushing over this show? The answer is: Fuck yes.
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After completely devouring 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! or, Katekyo Hitman Reborn in 48 hours (manga and anime) like the most delicious burnt flan I had ever tasted sprinkled with a hefty 5 pound dosage of crystal meth, I decided I needed more of this animated nonsense. So I picked up フェイト/ステイナイト or, Fate/Stay Night. (Mostly because it's fun to say. Fate/StayNightFate/StayNightFate/StayNight. It doesn't even make any grammatical sense which is the best part). What is wrong with me? Let me explain. I had started watching the first episode three years ago but promptly gave up on any promise it might have remotely held. There were a lot of reasons for this. First of all, I was 17 and a little off my rocker. I utterly denied anything that so much as echoed the essence of "main stream". And by "main stream" I mean if so much as 6 people knew about it. What can I say, I'm an elitist.

Second of all, the story of Fate/Stay Night (originally a video game. Or more like, 12) was too dense for just a 24 episode season. This amounted then, sometimes, to 15 straight minutes of slavering dialogue exchange explaining every little detail about this imaginary world that your brain capacity really doesn't have the patience or time to absorb. Also, the main character was, in a way, utterly irritating to the point that every time he tried to open his mouth it was like experiencing a full on Nazi bullet bum rape for 40 seconds of your life you will never get back. His entire insistence on the infallible goodness of human kind is poisonous blasphemy to my soulless heart. It also didn't help that his character design was more bland that cabbage.

But then again I don't take many things too seriously. Hence, why I can thoroughly enjoy the throngs of creative what-have-you that Japanese animation insists on vomiting out on my face.

The art of Fate/Stay Night isn't even all that fabulous - just your average, run of the mill anime. Certainly not something that'll blow you straight to Narnia, if you know what I mean. And yet, as seemingly mediocre as it is, Fate/Stay Night captivates and eagerly satisfies my thirst for fluid fight scenes, (some inkling of) creative originality, and rampant feminism in the form of teethmarks, blood and metal. (Or maybe I'm just getting soft). Of course that doesn't cure the fact that it's still slathered in mounds of amateur ridiculousness and choppy storytelling. The obscure and totally inaccurate historical references are also a plus. I love it when Japanese people pretend to be white. It's a blast.

But let's admit. 90% of the reason why I started watching again was because of my huge girlcrush on Saber and her eternal pout of dissatisfaction.

So for those of you who are curious, this is what you are missing: Wonderfully enlightening observations from the first 6 episodes of Fate/Stay NightCollapse )

Honestly this series is a perfect mix of retarded, hernia-inducing splendidness. With really beautiful costumes (I sense an estranged relationship to the even more nonsensical but artistic masterpiece known as Trinity Blood. If someone can help me make sense of that series, even .05% sense of it, I would be absolutely grateful). Maybe I'm just watching to fuel my starving cosplay appetite. Though I've been told that after Episode 14 everything in Fate/Stay Night goes to shit (but I'm used to such cancerous endings. HI, BLOOD+ AND NO I STILL HAVEN'T FORGIVEN YOU FOR EPISODE 49 AND 50. LET'S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT THE UNDERAGED RAPE). I have no fear.

I hear Darker Than Black Season 2 is...somewhere. Out, predictably. This should be interesting. (And if you really want the best quality ridiculousness, go check the first season of this one out. It will amuse you down to the depths of your twisted, twisted heart).

I'm such a sadist. I like animes that make me want to tear out my arm tendons.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Final Exams program. I have a total of 5 days left to get my shit together before I fail out of University once and for all. Of course, it really doesn't help that my professors lie to us about what they're going to test on. I HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN HUMANITY.
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So there was this one time that I didn't actually sleep for 72 hours. Oh wait a minute. That was recently. Of course, time is obviously fiction to me now and being that as it may, I don't remember having actually ingesting anything of significant caloric value during this time. But for some reason, I do remember a plethora of Godiva boxes were somehow vaguely invovled.

I am up to my eyeballs in pages to study and concepts to understand and the threatening possibility that my mind is pulling a Benjamin Button and degrading at a time I most need it to function.

Also: It might be a sign you're too old for YA books when you don't care about the teenage hero, but think his father sounds like a sexy bitch.

Some real life speculative rantingCollapse )

Speaking of confusing the past for the present. There was once a time I purposely purged my entire computer of all Anime/Manga/Japanese/Fandom related things. I told myself I was through with this debilitating hobby, this wonderfully artistic, fun, but generally time consuming disease. This was probably back when I had developed (or skillfully convinced myself to have) some inkling of faith in American television and an interest in tacky Hawaiian shirts. This was also probably back when my GPA was a positive number.

Clearly, this has somehow managed to reverse itself. You know there's something wrong when you find yourself sitting down and reading 80 chapters of 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!, in less than 60 minutes. A rate that gradually increases at a steady pace until you realize you're actually doing yourself a diservice by starving away. Though in a relatively agreeable state of joy.

Some TOTALLY INTELLIGENT thoughts about 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! up to 269Collapse )

Speaking of fandom. The studio decided to film The Vampire Diaries at Emory's library a couple of weeks back. Many people swooned. Many other people, barred from the printers, got late grades on their research papers. GUESS WHICH ONE I WAS.
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17 August 2009 @ 05:12 pm
Introducing, a fragmented post: So I got an A in Statistics. One of 6 people in a class of 30. Oh god, actually, that's really old news. Shame, I'm usually on top of everything (not. What the hell am I talking about). This class was supposed to punch me in the face 64.1 times. I guess that plan got put on hold.

WhatCollapse )

I go back this Friday. My mother, incidentally, has recently told me to drop out of college and go pursue wood chopping in Alaska. She says this would give me more life-lessons. Bonus? Sometimes I really think I agree with her. (Serving beer in a Belgian pub was another one of her favorites).

And eventually my body was going to pull a stunt, this I knew. It's as if all the stress and physical torment I've collected through the months start to accumulate and unleash itself as one big horrifying monster during one particular focused time (usually a time when I should be feeling my best and the most relaxed). Slews of headaches, muscle pain, general exhaustion, among others - hello. Also? A strange obsession with cherries. Yes, that happened too.

What's the deal with everyone moving away? Technically, out of New Jersey? Maybe I started a trend when I up and flew down to the Churchbelt.

I spent time with lily22 on her birthday on August 8th which was so impossibly rad. And a slew of other lovely people I haven't seen in a full year or so. I gave her an egg (that is everything but edible. Oh, and it tells time. And glows. Sort of like a Tardis, only round and pocket-sized). I was sort of late (by like, an hour and thirty minutes, which for my record, counts as pretty darn oh-kay) because my father and I were apparently too engaged in our conversation about aerophysics to realize we were just sitting in the car and it wasn't actually moving anywhere.

The prices of college textbooks really kill me. Sharing is caring, kids, so why can't more people just let me borrow their things for 6 measly months at a time? I'd return it eventually. Utterly incomprehensible.

Also, why the fuck am I still pre-law. I'm so masochistic. I tell people I'm just a down-to-earth Liberal Arts, Political Science major but in reality I actually want to work in law, I always have, one way or another (despite the lousy pay and everything that comes along with lousy pay, for instance, "death by starvation" among other such cute things).

If I keep playing the NDS at the rate that I have I'm going to fail next semester. I mean, I've always been kind of obsessed with video games (particularly ones in the "MOST FANTASTICALLY UNREALISTIC COLLECTION OF SCENARIOS" category) but this summer? Ridiculous.
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So Statistics isn't all that bad. Mind you, it's generally devastating but every now and then things clear up and some poor student's (read: me) day becomes so much better.

My first Statistics exam wrought me a 104. I was so shocked I almost tripped over myself. I'm generally still a bit suspicious about the grade so I constantly go back and look at it just to make sure I read the digits right and it is indeed a one-oh-four and not a, I don't know, forty-one. Or fourteen if the universe wants to have a sense of humor and get fresh with me.

And here is something that makes me squirm: after all this time I still have no idea what kind of person I am. I don't know if I'm ambitious or just obsessive, if I'm actually funny or really just snide and pretentious. Am I cynical or just straightforward? Am I shy or just honestly polite? Or maybe I'm all of those; maybe I'm none of those and the real me is nothing like the me I think I want or should be. I guess there's some fun in never really finding out and/or realizing that you as a person and as a plethora of definitions just sort of constantly shift and change hues depending on the weather or the person you last talked to. But at the same time, no anchor means no anchor, nothing solid to establish yourself on, nothing hard and certain to retreat back to when times get too confusing and things get too mean.

Here is something I don't like: I don't like it when people think they can tell me what my responsibilities are. I know what they are. I don't need you to try and use them to patronize me. I know my priorities - you don't; I know how my priorities are ordered - you don't and you will never understand why the sequence is how it is because frankly, you are not me. So don't pretend to be and don't pretend you know.

But here is something I do like: I like the fact that many things are very short lived and compact. I don't like the feeling of prolonged obligations. I don't like the twisted feeling in your gut when you discover that suddenly you're stuck in something or some place and you don't know for sure when you'll be able to get out (or even if you should - the fear that maybe this is the best thing or place for you - and god, doesn't that suck?).

And here are some fragments of what I am now, today. Some facts, among other things.Collapse )

The other night my mother commended my virtues - my mother just admitted that I had virtues. She called me courageous.

This is the first time in years she's been proud of me.
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So did you know that they actually make canned bread? As in bread-in-a-can. Japan's Evangelion merchandising franchise also caught on, kicking it up a notch to having not just ordinary bread, but artificially flavored bread (strawberry for the NERV brand and chocolate cream for the SEELE brand).

Then again, they also make things like this, just in case you were wondering. Just a note if "delicious creepiness" is right up your alley because it certainly is right up Tokyo's.

Here's a little something for you: many statistics problems enjoy working with color and various inanimate objects in daily living. One such object is the sock. Many statistics problems also stress the usage of "common sense". Knowing these two commonalities, please take into consideration this question worded thus:

"A drawer contains 11 identical red socks and 8 identical black socks. Suppose that you choose 2 socks at random in the dark. What is the probability that you get a pair of red socks? What is the probability that you get a pair of black socks? What is the probability that you get 2 unmatched socks? Where did the other red sock go?"

Please observe the first level of bolded text: Now there comes a time when I do find myself admitting that yes, my mother had the misfortune of birthing a child who is empirically as dumb as soup but honestly, this? Even I can't fathom why such a situation could possibly be legitimate in any way. What could possibly spur you to attempt this action as described? What does one get out of it (besides a very cheesy attempt at the element of surprise)? What possible sense does this entire scenario present if any? If this is the sort of "common sense" the field of statistics expects from its suitors then no wonder everybody kicks the metaphorical grade-bucket. Movie directors making the fatal mistake of putting sound in space, (as much as this irritates me) makes more sense at the moment.

I mean sure, maybe you just woke up in the early dawn when all is still dark and decided you needed to put on socks - but are you really saving yourself more time by deciding not to go and flick on the switch for the lights before rummaging most randomly through your drawers to little avail? Unless of course the length of your room is the height of Trump Tower and your light switch just so happens to be at polar opposite ends from your bed - in which case: why are you bothering to look for your own clothes anyway? You probably have people who have people to do that for you.

Observe the second line of bolded text: I must now tell you that all 29 students in the class, including myself, could not answer this question. After the first 30 minutes Lynn goes: "Probably Narnia".

After 3 hours we were still not quite sure just what the numerical answer would be - when of course, we suddenly realized that there was none. No, this question is actually completely irrelevant to the galaxy's interests. It has nothing to do with numbers. It has nothing to do with probability.

The back of the book, interestingly enough, did happen to provide an answer which was this: "Who knows? Maybe it got lost in the wash!" The exclamation point was present as well.

Oh and PS. I am still failing in a most epic fashion. At least I bought myself a new travel mug in the meanwhile.
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